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Donna Grant

Helping people become their best selves, to heal and transform into who they deserve and want to be has become my passion and purpose. 

I have practiced as an Energy Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting and Matrix Birth Re-imprinting Practitioner, Art Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation and Journeying teacher, Trauma Therapist, Spirit release Therapist for 5 years now and I take an interest in negative programming and the role of our subconscious programming to heal past trauma or negative beliefs.

I bring my whole tool kit along to our retreats including my drum and crystal singing bowls and create a day that flows and where you  get the most healing, relaxation and transformation you can in a day.

I believe me must look at the source of our issues to promote complete health and well-being, and shift and transform the internal stories we are running about ourselves to increase our levels of self worth.


I run a private clinic situated in the beautiful village of Beaulieu, and offer one to one sessions, trainings, talks and of course our bespoke retreats. In my clinic I use a blend of my skills to create a personalised plan for my clients to achieve the goals we set together. My clients range from age 7 and up, and I treat a huge range of issues, from stress, phobias, anxiety, trauma, anger, grief, depression, low self esteem, weight loss, addictions and many more, but whatever the issue making sure the client feels comfortable and safe is really the key to the success of the therapy.

I found Energy Psychology 10 years ago, and thank goodness I did as it literally saved my life. This was the pivotal moment for me to transform my life and the key to gaining a deeper understanding as to why I was making some really negative choices. How negative beliefs were manifesting in my world at that time, and destroying my happiness and health. I am now on a mission to help others in this way and bring like minded people together to experience and empower their lives by introducing the powerful subconscious mind, the belief system and the role it may play in their lives.

I specialise in working with children, trauma and anxiety and I love what I do. My advice to anyone reading this: Invest in you! You are important ... look at the source of the issue... its  the key to a healthier happier you!

Donna Van Vuuren - Energy Psychologist
Gemma McGuigan - Naturopathic Nutritionist

Gemma McGuigan

Health has many layers and my passion is to empower patients to use the intelligence of nature and science to transform their health & restore their inherent vitality.  

Functional medicine, nutrition & naturopathy are a beautiful eclectic combination, encouraging the body’s natural self healing mechanisms. It is the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotions, social factors and the environment that determine human health.


You could say I am half science geek half earth mother with a heavy dose of good old Irish humility & humour. It is a joy and a privilege to be part of an individuals return to health & vitality, I am delighted to be a constant student of our biology our humanness and our planet.


Functional medicine addresses the whole person not just an isolated set of symptoms, it determines how and why illness/symptoms occur and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. We look upstream to consider the complex web of interactions in the patients history, physiology and lifestyle that can lead to illness. The unique genetic make up of each patient is considered along with the internal -mind/body/spirit and external -physical, social & environmental factors that affect bodily function 


“Learn to deal with the valleys, the hills will take care of themselves”


In Functional Medicine we have the ability to deep dive into the biochemistry using the latest laboratory functional diagnostic testing to identify & address imbalances before diseased states can occur - Prevention is key!


I run a busy Naturopathic Nutrition clinic in The New Forest and regularly hold clinics in London along with my online consultations. I am also a wellness speaker & educator, co founding Mind. Body. Reset with my incredible colleague in healing Donna Grant. We seek to find sacred spaces all over the world to connect & rejuvenate.  I am especially interested in areas of gut health, female hormone health, autoimmunity & chronic fatigue. 


I am currently in the midst of completing my full functional medicine certification with FM leaders Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)

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